New Calendar Feedback from partners & Member

Please read below some of the feedback our Members and Partner Organisations have given re: the New 2020 Annual Report launched 30 December 2020.

“Salaam Zehra, thank you for arranging for me to receive Dhek Bhal calendar /AGM Annual report. It reflects so many good things about Dhek Bhal. Sorry to hear Parveen is retiring. She did a good job. I hope 2021 continues Dhek Bhal's journey of excellence. God Bless you all.” - RSA – former carer

 “Dear Team Dhek Bhal I am writing this feedback behalf of my mum Mrs HK Regarding your service from last year. It makes a big difference to my mum. The Carer regularly support her thoughout covid 19 without fail. My mum has been stuck in the flat most of the time this year but the careworker has been amazing to give her support according to her needs and shopping as well. It make a big difference to keep them going.

I must like to mention one of the senior members from Dhek Bhal Mrs Zehra Haq always has been checking and making sure everything going smooth. I like to say big thanks for her professionalism throughout this year. I also like to thank Mum’s carer and whole team for their amazing support in these uncertain times.

It means a lot for their clients and my mum is one of them.

Thanks everyone from team Dhek Bhal. Keep the good work going.

Thanks very much and stay safe.” - Ms MM – Carer


“Hi Zehra, it was great talking to you the day before yesterday. Your calendar/annual report arrived yesterday. Thanks a lot, it’s a useful size for our bedroom upstairs, I always like to have one there. It’s lovely to see the familiar faces in the pictures, especially Parveen, please send her our best wishes for her well earned retirement.” - JK – Former Partner Organisation CEO


“Calendar received thank you!

I think it's lovely, covered a bit of everything in your organisations work!

 I have read your report and also Mr Khan and you're both looking to the future and to build on what you do!! 

On a lighter note I saw myself in picture, I also enjoyed looking at the special dates throughout the year, something I normally do as soon as I buy a calendar! Happy new Year to you all!!

Thank you again” – JA – Partner Organisation Manager


“My mum is looking very good in the calendar and your workers are doing well.” – YH – Carer

“The calendar clearly shows the appropriate services Dhek Bhal provides.

 Dhek Bhal clients do not really feel there is a lockdown due to corona. Despite social distancing, they continue to care for the elderly. 

When i got the calendar i was happily surprised that despite the lockdown in 2020, Dhek Bhal did not forget to publish the AGM Annual Calendar.  I am very pleased with the hard work they have put in. Every page of the calendar gave me pleasure as it rekindled my memories of Dhek Bhal - how we would all meet together, converse with each other and going on trips together.  We missed the trips this year due to the lockdown.  

I miss Dhek Bhal a lot and pray 2021 would be a better year for all at Dhek Bhal and happy times return.” – TA – Dhek Bhal member


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