If you need support during this time please contact the Dhek Bhal numbers 0117 9146671/ 9146672 or Zehra Haq mobile :- 0777 6204661.

If your enquiry is not urgent, then please email on dhekbhal@yahoo.co.uk and someone will contact you in due course.

Due to Covid-19 (Health and Safety reasons), Please DO NOT visit the office unless you have a prior booked appointment with a member of staff. Alternatively, you can contact us on any of the numbers above.

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The Unbroken Thread


Our Belief:

Dhek Bhal believes that everyone in the South Asian Community:

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Dementia Wellbeing Service - Filmed in partnership with Dhek Bhal 

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Dementia Research in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire Area- Bristol Health Partners

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"Dhek Bhal’s mission is ‘to promote the health and social well being of South Asian people living in Bristol & South Gloucestershire through a range of services”

Quality Assurance Report - Interviews and report by UWE students as part of their Widening Opportunities Programme - 20 February 2017 

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Latest News:

Oasis Showcase Event - Thursday 28 February 2019

Oasis Show case Event - Thursday 28 February 2019



Stroke Information Day - 18 February 2019

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In partnership with Bristol Afterstroke Association.  A successful day.  Inspiration stories from stroke survivors and information on how to spot and act when someone is having a stroke and wasy to prevent a stroke.

The day was supported by students from UWE as part of their Widening Opportunities Week (WOW).

The Fire Service gave short talk and information stall on what equipment they can provide to people with disabilities.  Pampering therapies and free South Asian lunch.

Event sponsored by Healthwatch and Dhek Bhal. 

Please click to see some pictures of the day.



Oasis Talking Therapies Wellbeing Session Dates - Men and Women Daycentres

In 2018 Oasis Talking Therapies delivered 8 sessions on varied topics to the Older Mens and Womens Daycentre projects.  The sessions were successful.  Oasis Talking Therapies were able to raise funds to deliver sessions on specific subjects as requested by the service users [More]

Current Vacancies

Domiciiliary Care Worker 

Jackie Arrifin - Supporter of Dhek Bhal

Sadly Jackie passed away late 2018 [More]