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PPE Provisions; In the light of recent media coverage around a shortage of PPE within the care sector, we would like to reassure you and your relatives Dhek Bhal has, following securing a robust supply chain, adequate access to all the necessary protective equipment required as part of our COVID-19 infection control processes. This means that supplies of PPE and other essentials have continued and will continue to flow into our services.


Dhek Bhal works closely with Bristol City Council & South Glos Council and local suppliers in obtaining these. Staff have been well trained in the use of PPE. Dhek Bhal managers are providing considerable emotional and practical support to staff during this time e.g offering extra supervision, assisting them to travel to and from their visits and giving them advice & information on changes in HR legislation.


Dhek Bhal is keeping fully abreast of developments relating to the ongoing situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the region. We are routinely monitoring developments, reviewing our protocols, and preparing appropriate responses as the situation changes. We are committed to ensuring all steps are taken to protect the health and wellbeing of all our clients and care staff. We continue to work closely with Health Authorities, and Care Regulators in order to protect clients and care staff and maintain service delivery.


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Message from Zehra Haq - Dhek Bhal CEO

Dearest staff, I am thinking and praying for all of you during these challenging and painful times. I am so proud of all of you going out there to continue supporting the most vulnerable people in our community. May God Almighty reward you for your commitment to the community. 

It's very sad what's happening globally with the prevailing pandemic where we hope our prayers to the most Almighty God will help bring an end to this illness and prayers resume again in mosques, churches and all other religious institutions, and children / grandchildren be reunited again as a family. Everyone return to their work for their livelihood. Ameen 

We are so very proud to have you in our team. May God protect you always. 

I shall be clapping as I have always done for last few Thursdays to express my appreciation to all my wonderful committed team. God protect you all. 



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Testimonials from some of our Service User’s Carers and Day Centre members