Comments from service users of there experience of going to excursion trips. Recent trip organised was to South hall, below are comments from service users who went on this trip.

Sara Adam

“Going to Southall in minibus is very helpful because we have got staff who help us to carry things and provide intensive support.  Van can stop near the shops; walking distance is less, which is beneficial to older people who have disability problems in walking.On the other hand Coaches only stay at one place.

We can buy variety of things at bargains prices. All ethnic shopping is available in Southall.”

Hajra Bibi

“I feel less isolated when I go out on excursion trips with the elderly women in the mini Bus, who are of my age.  I feel less depressed and enjoy my time very much”.

Sindhu George

“Great company provide by Dhek Bhal Daycentre Staff.  The outing was enjoyable,

We feel safe when we are all together and door to door pick up service is helpful.”

Sosan Ram

“I am a 86 years old woman, when I go to Southall with Dhek Bhal in the minibus, I get great help and support from the Staff.  I am able to buy traditional and cultural things in Southall, which are not available in Bristol”


General comments.

Sindhumati George

“I am an isolated person, when I attend the Day centre, I feel very happy with meeting with my friends on a regular basis.  The staff is very helpful with my needs, my own children don’t do for me.

When I feel depressed, staff is always available to hear me-out very supportive and caring.

Dhek Bhal staff always offers good food and good company.  Time flies by very well with enjoyment.

If daycentre was not available, I would feel depressed and isolated, I would feel as if I have nowhere to go, no friends to meet and no one to share my feelings with.”



Comment from Rukhsana Parvaz - new member July 2014

"Dear Daisy,

I have been attending the Dhek Bhal Daycare Centre for 6 weeks now, and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and support. Your calm and caring personality has put me at ease and enabled me to settle into the group. The Daycare Centre is very important to me as it has reduced my sense of loneliness and isolation, and increased my self-confidence. This would not have been possible without your patient support and reassurance. This has helped me to lose my inhibitions and feel comfortable around people again.

Kind regards, Rukhsana"