The History of Dhek Bhal

Dhek Bhal was founded in 1987 by a small group of volunteers and operated under the name of Barton Hill Asian Women Group to bring women together who experience isolation.

On the 27 Novenber 1997 a company limited by guarantee was incorporated under the name of Dhek Bhal and on 21 December 1997 the charity was transformed into a company. The company subsequently obtained Charitable status on the 11 June 1998.

Dhek Bhal Development

1987 Established as Barton Hill Asian Womens Group for Young Mums Project (Young Mums Project ceased April 2008)

1988 Elderly Project – Womens

1989 Youth Project - Girls (ceased April 2008)

1993 Sitting Service Project - Bristol

1994 The Holiday Playscheme (ceased 2006)

1997 Outreach Support Project (ceased 2000)

1999 Sitting Service Project – South Gloucestershire

2000 Carers Support Project (limited service from April 2008)

2001 Asian Children and Youth Liaison Service (ceased from April 2008)

2004 Volunteer Support Project (ceased 2007)

2006 Youth Project – Boys (ceased from April 2009)

2008 Elderly Project – Mens (started Oct 2008)

Men's Daycare Project

"This one is definitely for the Album!"

The older men's group on their summer outing to London