Organisational Chart

How Dhek Bhal is Governed and Managed

Members of the Association

Dhek Bhal is a membership organisation. Its members meet at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The purpose is to elect a Board of Trustees to represent member’s views and govern the work of the organisation.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are an elected body and is the ultimate governing body of Dhek Bhal. All major decisions about policy, direction and structure of the organisation must be approved by the Trustees. The Trustees meet regularly to discuss issues of major importance under the leadership of the Chairperson.

Trustees of the Charity are personally responsible to the Charity Commission to ensure that, amongst other things, Dhek Bhal spends its money to benefit people of the South Asian Community.

The Chief Executive

The Chief Executive is personally responsible to the Board of Trustees. All paid and unpaid employees are responsible, via their Project Heads, to the Chief Executive . Dhek Bhal’s first and present Chief Executive is Zehra Haq.

The Structure of Dhek Bhal

General Management

This department comprises Dhek Bhal’s Chief Executive, Personnel / Administration Manager and Admin Support Workers.

Elderly Daycare Services

Sitting & Domiciliary Care Services

Sitting & Domiciliary Care Service operations are responsible for direct services in the home of service users.


The Finance department, responsible for ensuring that all Dhek Bhal’s money is properly accounted for and that the grants and income are properly collected. Finance is also responsible for paying bills, issuing invoices, salaries for all Dhek Bhal employees and for managing the Annual Budget.


All Staff regularly and continuously receive training during their employment, which include the following:-